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MORETON Bay Mayor Allan Sutherland’s Home Risk Free of Flood

The multimillionaire Mayor’s home is not and will never be flooded while all of his neighbors home are already flooded. The MORETON Bay Mayor Allan Sutherland’s mansion is said to be risk-free while the other homes of his people will always be risky during storm and typhoon.

Cr Sutherland’s neighbours at Newport on the Redcliffe Peninsula have been included in the “medium to high flood risk zone” however the mayor’s $2.1 million canalfront home has been spared.

Cr Sutherland said he had no involvement in his property being deemed risk-free from a projected 0.8m rise in sea levels by 2100 and said it had exposed him to “sarcastic’’ and “hurtful’’ comments from locals.

He said his house, over two lots, was higher than neighbouring houses because it was built on fill 30 years ago.

The elevation, which he estimated to be about 1.8m to 2m, was especially noticeable if viewed from the water, he said.

“It is considerably higher than the houses each side,’’ he said.

A spokesman for the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning said the

exclusion of Cr Sutherland’s property was a puzzle.

“There appears to be no identifiable reason for these two lots to be considered less exposed to

potential flooding than other lots in the same street,’’ the spokesman said.

“Based on available information, the natural surface levels of the land are generally similar to the natural surface levels of the adjoining properties, which happen to be identified as flood prone.’’

Cr Sutherland said risk maps were prepared by an external contractor and other houses in the immediate vicinity had also been categorised low risk. He said there were hundreds, if not thousands, of such properties across the region.

“Certainly in no way did I, and have I, ever directed anything on my land and I’d take inference if anybody ever suggested that. Councillors don’t get involved in that level of detail” he said.

“To be quite honest, personally I wish it wasn’t (excluded) because I’ve copped a lot of personal flak. People add two and two together and get five.’’

The development is the latest skirmish in an ongoing stoush between Cr Sutherland and the Newman Government over properties zoned at possible risk from rising sea levels.

Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney ordered Moreton Bay Regional Council to remove references to climate change-related flood hazards from its draft planning scheme after a backlash from homeowners who feared their property values would be slashed by a ban on future building and development.

Cr Sutherland slammed the state interference, saying it could expose council to potential legal


His home was at the centre of a controversy in 2010 when it was revealed that the mayor bought it from a local developer, who was also his biggest political donor, in a three-cornered deal that also saw Cr Sutherland sell two properties to the developer.

Mr Sutherland referred that matter to the Crime and Misconduct Commission, which found no wrongdoing.

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Moreton Bay Rail Line shared pedestrian & cycle path



The State Government has been called upon to open a sharedMoreton Investor pedestrian and cycle path to make-up for the major signalling delays on the new Moreton Bay Rail Line.

“We are hoping they will open the shared pathway so the people can … use something that should already be open,” Mango Hill Progress Assoc President Laurence Christie said.

“It would go some way to relieving the disappointment,” he said.

A spokeswoman for Transport Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said: “The minister has ­requested the Department of Transport and Main Roads investigate opportunities to open the bikeway in advance of the rail line opening.”

Residents in Mango Hill, and North Lakes said they wanted to use the pathway to cycle to Petrie Station and to access the schools on the line.


Original article published at by Jamie-Leigh Mason, North Lakes Times 4/6/16

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Local Issues

Brisbane’s new state-of-the-art private cancer centre



Northlakes, north of Brisbane is now home to Australia’s first private integrated cancer centre


moreton investorThe Icon Integrated Cancer Centre combines a 15-chair day hospital, two radiation therapy units and an on-site pharmacy.

The doors were opened to the centre at North Lakes, between Brisbane’s CBD and the Sunshine Coast, yesterday.

All treatments, including haematological, chemotherapy, radiation or a combination, are delivered on the site.

Icon Group chief executive Mark Middleton said the centre had the capacity to deliver treatments to 15,000 patients per year.

“From the start, the patient and their needs are first,” he said.

“The integrated centre approach means we are working as one team, supporting the patient and the result is a comprehensive service delivered by familiar faces who understand the individual needs of their patients.”

North Lakes is the first of three integrated centres operated by the Icon Group, a private specialised cancer care organisation.

The group plans to open another in Melbourne in mid-June 2017 and a third in Canberra, expected to open in late 2017.


Original article published at  by Amelia Broadstock, North Lakes Times 27/5/16

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Local Issues

North Lakes and Mango Hill Police Station has its first female acting officer-in-charge




NORTH Lakes/Mango Hill Police Station has its first ­female police officer leading the station, since it opened in 2009.

Senior Sergeant Kate Pausina joined the North Lakes crew last week as acting officer-in-charge after an ­impressive resume in the blue uniform.

Since she was sworn in to the service in 1999, Sen-Sgt Pausina has spent time in juvenile justice, child sex ­offences, Coroner’s Office, intelligence and strategy, road safety and, most recently, acting officer-in-charge at Albany Creek Police Station.

“I always wanted to join the police, but my mum wouldn’t let me,” Sen-Sgt said. “So, instead, I studied nursing and was a registered nurse for four years before I decided to do what I really wanted to.”

Sen-Sgt Pausina said her mum was unhappy at first but had since become her biggest ­supporter, along with her police officer husband and their two children.

Sen-Sgt Pausina last year completed her Masters of ­Suicidology – the prevention of suicide.

“That is something I am ­really passionate about,” she said.

“In the Coroner’s ­Office, you see the number of suicides is three times the number of road fatalities. And it is a preventable death.”

Sen-Sgt Pausina said she fondly remembered her first stint at the Pine ­Rivers Police District. She was based at ­Petrie from 2000 to 2003, and ­visited Mango Hill. “Mango Hill was just that – bushland and mango trees,” she said.

“There is a lot coming up in this area – major ­shopping developments, major infrastructure like the rail and, with that, a lot more people visiting the area.”


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