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Lawnton overpass set to open next month. Great news for property Investors.



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The Francis Rd Lawnton overpass should open by the end of April, linking Bray Park to Gympie Rd, at Lawnton and relieve pressure on the Todds Rd rail intersection. 

lawnton investors moreton investors

Work continues on the Gympie Road end of the new Francis Road overpass. Source: Quest Newspapers

Property Investors in the Pine Rivers area are rejoicing at this piece of infrastructure, that will make gaining access to suburbs behind the rail line easier.

A new loop road and underpass has reconnected the two ends of Lorraine Court cut by construction of the overpass.

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Mayor Allan Sutherland and Councillor for Division 8, Mick Gillam, inspected the loop road this week.

“The two ends of Lorraine Court were cut for more than four months,” Councillor Sutherland said. “To open this road ahead of the rest of the overpass is a real coup for local residents who have worked with us the whole way on this project.”

Cr Gillam thanked locals for their patience support and co-operation during the project.

“Today’s announcement signals the start of the final stages of construction for one of the biggest pieces of transport infrastructure to be built in the Moreton Bay Region for many years,” Cr Gillam said.

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Moreton Bay Regional Council is funding the Francis Rd overpass.

Originally published by

Bernie Dowling, Northern Times
From:Quest Newspapers 
March 08, 2013

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A beefed-up bus network will be introduced to compliment the new rail line for Moreton Bay


A new bus network and timetable that will deliver more buses and higher frequency services when the Moreton Bay Rail Link (MBRL) is opened mid-year was announced recently.

An extensive six-week community consultation was instrumental in shaping the Queensland Government’s final plan for network.

“More than 3,300 pieces of feedback were considered to design the new bus network and deliver the best outcome for the region,” Queensland minister for transport Stirling Hinchliffe says.

“The changes to the local bus network will support the new MBRL train timetable and achieve a better integrated public transport network for the Moreton Bay region, delivering more high frequency buses and improving transport connections across the community.”

The new timetable provides connections to the new train stations, services new and growing areas and will ensure the network is easier and more intuitive to use.

“I would like to acknowledge the hard work of Queensland Rail and our bus operators Hornibrook Bus Lines, Kangaroo Bus Lines and Thompsons Bus Services who have worked hard to assist in providing new public transport options for the people of the Moreton Bay region,” Hinchliffe says.

The new bus network includes an additional 261 services a week and a range of new options, including additional early morning and night-time services and increased operating hours on six additional routes every weekday.

There will also be more buses on the weekends – with increased operating hours on eight routes throughout the region.

The MBRL project will transform the region, delivering a 14 kilometre dual-track passenger rail line from Lawnton to Kippa-Ring and six new stations.

When the line opens there will be an extra 650 weekly express train services extending out to Moreton Bay, with trains every six to 12 minutes in morning and afternoon peaks and trains every 30 minutes during off-peak times and on weekends.


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Brisbane underground bus and train tunnel to boost values in adjacent suburbs



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HOMEOWNERS in suburbs earmarked for Brisbane’s underground bus and train project may gain more than just a faster commute to work.


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According to property industry experts, new infrastructure is a major catalyst for home value growth.

Deal sealed on $5b underground tunnel

Newman unveils underground plan

Diana Howes, managing director of Brisbane-based property research firm Resolution Research, said past trends showed suburbs with public transport under construction often fetched double-digit annual growth rates compared to the 3.4 to four per cent average.

“What we’ve seen through an analysis of the Northern Busway, South East Busway and Airportlink is that values remain relatively stagnant during (the early stages of) construction,” she said.

“It’s flat in the first two to three years but escalates in the last two.

“In the last two years, including the year when it’s completed, you get much higher rates of growth.”

She said investors would likely make a push in the underground bus and train suburbs once they felt “confidence and certainty” around the development.

“Certainly the level of infrastructure spending is a key driver for people looking to invest in Brisbane,” she said.

“As we see increases in parking costs in the CBD and more congestion on our roads, (transport infrastructure) is becoming a critical consideration particularly across the rental market.”

Belle Property Bulimba agent Jonathan Harper-Hill said he predicted the project would turn Woolloongabba into a “property hotspot”.

He said the suburb, which is set to receive one of the underground bus and train’s three stations, would become a viable alternative to other inner-city locations such as New Farm.

“I think it will put Woolloongabba on the map for people who weren’t considering it in the past,” he said.

“Major infrastructure improvement leads to more confidence in residents and buyers.

“As time goes on, the suburb will become more and more desirable so any time from now is potentially a fantastic opportunity for buyers.”

Woolloongabba resident Dianne Clarke is currently selling her home at 16 Quarry St and believes the project will make homes like hers more attractive for investors, even though she is already near Park Rd train station.

“I think it will be good for the area,” she said.

The underground bus and train project is set for construction in 2015 to 2020.

It will run from Bowen Hills to Dutton Park with stations at Roma Street, George St in the CBD, and Woolloongabba.


Original article published at by Melanie Burgess, The Courier Mail 22/11/2013

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